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The Multiple Choice (MC) Test is an 80-item test that evaluates your ability to read and write. There are four sections on the test: Clarity, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, and Vocabulary. If you pass the MC, your score does not expire. If you fail, you may retake the MC after three months.

To register for the Multiple Choice Test: a Police Officer application on
2.Create a profile and submit an application on the Personnel Website by clicking the “Apply” icon at the following link: Please note that this is a second application that must be completed to enable on-line testing.
NOTE: You MUST present a valid State or Federal issued photo identification card when appearing for an in-person test. Any candidate who does not have a valid State or Federal issued photo identification card WILL NOT be allowed to take the test.


  • high school english books
  • reading and writing sections of test preparation books
  • community college courses in reading and writing

If you need assistance, please email us at or text us at 213-238-5273.

Minimum qualifications:

• Must be at least 20 years
• Citizen of the U.S. (or have applied for citizenship)
• High school diploma (G.E.D. or equivalent)
• A background suitable to become a law enforcement officer.


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