“Being a part of the LAPD is like having a front row seat on life! You are always right in the middle of everything. Taking action in such a proactive manner is empowering and rewarding. I wanted to be a police officer growing up. Seeing my dad in his Navy uniform drove me to reach my goal of become a part of the LAPD. Now, serving on a team, I am one of the good guys. I am constantly fighting for good people and I am able to do something about what is wrong with the world. Every day is exciting. There is only one LAPD. It's to policing what Coke is to soda, Crest is to toothpaste, or Harvard is to college. The LAPD is a brand name that represents tradition, excellence and some would say, it is the best police department in the world. To Protect and To Serve as a Team. The LAPD is a team I'm proud to be a part of.”


“When I was fifteen I saw a special on police officers. It specifically focused on a female officer, and from that point forward I knew what I would do with my life. There is no doubt that my job is tough. It takes a lot of work. Officers are human too! But, knowing that you are out there every day, making a difference in people's lives, is the most rewarding aspect.

I can see trouble coming a mile away. That's because my training and development as a Police Officer has allowed me to become completely in tune with my surroundings. LAPD is a great place to work because it offers so many different opportunities for all police officers; men and women.

I am a woman with many different interests. I am a mother, I am a fitness model and I am a personal trainer. I've incorporated my own life into my job because I feel it's important to have all of these aspects really tell who I am.

To Protect and To Serve As A Woman. I am an individual, but I am also part of a team. I am proud to bring diversity and my unique experiences to a great department.” Sgt. Cassandra Britt-Nickerson

“I always wanted to be a police officer as long as I can remember. When I was six years old, I would talk about it. My mother did not like the idea. My father basically humored me. However, now it's a whole new story because they are both very encouraging and proud.

During my final year of active duty with the United States Marine Corp, I began to research different police departments and agencies. The LAPD offered more job descriptions and assignments that appealed to me. The LAPD also offered a lifestyle, code of conduct and work ethic I related to with the Marine Corp.

In the Air Support Division of the LAPD, I am living out my dream every day. In the early years of my career, it was rewarding to think of the responsibilities, contacts and effect I had on people just being a police officer. Having trust in my training, abilities and the system we use gets me through dangerous situations. Taking my training seriously and trusting it as a valuable tool, is essential to make it through each day.

We are all here because we want to be. We are all here because we want to help. We are all here because we love our job and we all want to put the bad guys in jail. We are all human. And, most of all, we truly do believe in the motto 'To Protect and Serve.'

To Protect and To Serve My Dream. I am here living out my dream. I know this line of work is really for me and I am going to love it for the rest of my life! I am part of a team that is all about integrity, and that gives my dream even greater meaning.” – Manny Dickerson Air Support Pilot


“Growing up, I was always around role models in politics, law enforcement and leaders of the community. I knew I wanted to become one of these figures. And every day it's clear to me why I wanted to become part of this department. I knew I wanted a profession where I could help people, have tons of flexibility to prevent boredom, and have a great sense of accomplishment. I make a difference in people's lives every day. And each time I am able to help a child, consoling them in times of distress, I am proud that I become a positive role model for them. I meet so many people on the job and hearing their stories inspires me. As a Police Officer, I'm able to provide a nice life for my family and help keep the community safe. To Protect and To Serve My Community. My home and my community are safer because of the hard work I do each day. I am proud to be a positive contributor to this environment.”

“Ever since my early childhood I've wanted to be a police officer. I joined the Police Explorer Program at the age of 14 and learned from many great role models; this experience made me realize that I was someone who could use my skills and abilities to serve my community. Now as a Sergeant in the LAPD, I have sharpened those skills that intrinsically existed with-in, and I am out there working day to day in the midst of the best, the worst and the most exciting. I have a desire to serve others and make my community safe. Every day police officers encounter danger and we have to use our training to handle complicated situations. Whether it's a foot chase, a car pursuit or a critical crime scene, I am always prepared to take the lead working to resolve the problem while setting an example for my fellow police officers and peers in the community. Over the years I've conditioned my mind and body to deal with stress; by honing my reaction skills, I'm always prepared to handle the daily surprises that are part of my job. Our job is challenging, dangerous and demanding, yet at the end of the day it's rewarding. As a member of the LAPD I can contribute to society while enhancing my life and making my family proud. This is a truly admirable profession and it gives me tremendous pride to say I am a Sergeant of the LAPD. Being a part of an evolving Department that is filled with tradition, dignity, reputation and good people is nothing less than honorable! To Protect and To Serve: By Being Who I Am. Police officers are human too, and we're all just trying to be the best role models we can be. Our Department supports and strives for diversity and provides an environment that is fair, pleasant, and structured. The Department also teaches employees to value the differences that each officer brings to the Department, allowing us to make our own lifestyle choices, and still be a part of the team.”


Featured Quotes

"Now that I am a mom I have become a role model for my daughter.  She thinks I am a "Super Hero"." – Officer Asia Hardy

"As an LAPD Officer you really get to reach out and make an impact on people" - Sergeant Janet Kim

“Working for LAPD has allowed me to be a part of something bigger than myself and is the best decision I could have made.” – Officer Barbara Byun

“For anybody that loves this city and wants to make a difference and wants to make change, you got to be a part of it.” – Deputy Chief Dennis Kato

“We will not survive being in this competitive law enforcement recruitment world being at a technological disadvantage. We’re marketing to the millennial and Gen-Z generation to bring them on board. They are a very technologically oriented cohort,” – Commander Alan Hamilton